GOP aligned group spotlights ‘skyrocketing inflation’ to target potentially vulnerable Senate Democrats

EXCLUSIVE: A three-month-old conservative advocacy organization that’s quickly become one of the biggest spending outside groups is going up with a new digital and radio blitz targeting four Democratic senators.

“Skyrocketing inflation. Empty shelves. Surging gas prices. Tell Sen. Cortez Masto now is not the time to raise taxes,” reads one of the digital ads by Common Sense Leadership Fund (CSLF), which is running in Nevada, where Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto could face a challenging reelection next year.

The ads, which were shared first with Fox News on Tuesday, are also running on Facebook, Google and YouTube/Hulu in Arizona and New Hampshire, where Democratic Sens. Mark Kelly and Maggie Hassan also face potentially difficult reelections.


And they also appear, along with a radio spot, in Montana, a solidly red state where Democratic Sen. Jon Tester could possibly be a key player in deciding whether congressional Democrats pass their massive social spending and human infrastructure package.

Democrats – who hold razor-thin majorities in both the House and Senate – have been negotiating among themselves for three months to try and come to agreement on the overall price tag of their package and what’s contained in it. Democrats aim to pass their package along party lines using a parliamentary process known as reconciliation. 

To pay for their proposals, which also include provisions to combat climate change, Democrats are proposing raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans and potentially on businesses. And a controversial element in their bill would mandate that banks hand over to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data on accounts with total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $10,000. The reporting requirements would not cover payroll deposits for wage and salary earners or to beneficiaries of federal programs such as Social Security.


“These liberals want to give the IRS even more power to spy on taxpayers, scrounging up every dollar they can,” charges the narrator in the radio spot running in Nevada.

CSLF tells Fox News that they’re spending in the high six figures to run their ads across the four states.


“In less than one year, Democrats’ disastrous policies have led to soaring gas and energy prices, empty shelves and skyrocketing inflation,” CSLF president Kevin McLaughlin charges. “Their proposed solution threatens to further halt our post-pandemic economic recovery, outsource American innovation to China and hire an army of IRS bureaucrats to spy on every American while massive tax increases on everyday items would fund Liberal special-interest kickbacks and give tax breaks to blue state millionaires while crushing already struggling middle-income Americans.”  

CSLF, which is steered by McLaughlin and other seasoned Republican strategists and operatives, has spent over $10 million to run ads since its launch in August. It’s the second-highest spending GOP aligned group during the past three months, behind the American Action Network.

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2021-10-26 11:26:46

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