Spectacular $50 Million Mansion Has Massive Auto Gallery, Shark Aquarium Tunnel

“The bigger the mansion, the bigger everything else in it” seems to be a common element to pieces of high-end real estate. However, when it comes to offering absolutely anything and everything you could ever want, few others do it as brilliantly as this estate, which features incredible amenities. They range from a massive auto gallery to an indoor shark aquarium tunnel, modern art, and an office any James Bond villain would probably kill for, if they didn’t do it already for fun.

The property, listed on the market for a hair under $50 million, is currently in the process of selling, so tough luck if you were grabbing for your wallet. It was completed in 2007, on commission for multi-millionaire Duane Hagadone, founder of Coeur d’Alene Resort in Idaho, and president, CEO, and founder of the Hagadone Corporation. It’s located in Palm Desert, California, on top of a hilltop, which allows for breathtaking surround views, but at the same time, it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The goal with the property was to have designer and architect Guy Dreier build something that would blend in with the mountainous landscape, so Hagadone, an avid golf player, would look up from the Bighorn Golf Club below and have his pals guess where his home was. When it listed at the end of last year, shortly after Hagadone’s death, it was justly described as one of the most spectacular estates ever built.

For one, it’s perhaps the only home to have been duly wind-tested before construction. Because of its location and because Dreier imagined a home that would open almost completely to the outside world, a model had to be built, strapped with sensors and placed in a wind tunnel. This way, when inside the home, which comprises several structures, you can open all the retractable glass walls regardless of weather conditions.

Secondly, no high-end amenity has been overlooked when designing the property. For instance, you get a giant auto gallery and a porte-cochere for all your guests’ rides when you’re entertaining larger parties. The porte-cochere is for ten vehicles, with additional covered space for five more cars and plenty more room in the driveway. Hagadone, who once described himself as essentially “a blue guy,” made sure he got a marble-floor underground garage for 10 vehicles, too.

“My Lamborghini [Murcielago], helicopter, and golf carts are all custom shades of blue,” he once admitted to The Robb Report, which named the estate the 2009 Ultimate Home. His other cars at the time, a Mercedes-Benz SL500, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and a Chevrolet Suburban, were also in shades of blue.

Even if someone doesn’t spend this much on a customized vehicle fleet, a garage is a must. Hagadone’s stands out, with its marble floors, accent lighting and elegant styling, matching the style of the house. The place looks almost like a museum and, as per the multi-millionaire, it served like one, too. “It’s almost embarrassing how little we go out,” he said. “We have a great private chef, and we make an effort to use a different part of the home each night. We could leave more, but there’s not a better place to go.”

Indeed, the estate was built so guests would never have a reason to leave, unless they headed down below for some golf. The 32,000-square-foot (2,9730-square-meter) property offers seven bedrooms and 12 baths, with a master suite and a guest suite, a self-contained guest house, and a variety of lounges and entertaining areas.

Another spectacular feature is the aquarium tunnel that leads into the living room. It’s filled with exotic fish and sharks, but only the shark were included with the sale. Three heated pools connect to surround the home, and there’s also a koi pond, a waterfall, and an outside barbecue space. A total of six kitchens (a catering kitchen, a guest kitchen, a caretaker’s kitchen, the outdoor kitchen, and a kitchen within the main kitchen), a spa suite, a separate office that’s completely encased in rock (only the upper layer is fake) and overlooking Coachella Valley, and modern art scattered generously throughout complete the list of features.

The mansion has no doorknobs, because everything is controlled through a Crestron smart home system, including the 16 glass walls that open the interior to outside. The only doors in the house to have knobs are in the staff quarters.

“One of the most spectacular estates ever built. Unparalleled in size, scale and design,” reads the listing. We’ve come to expect such big words from companies and people trying to sell stuff but, this once, they don’t ring false or exaggerated.

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2022-01-15 00:03:00

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