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13 Awesome Power Plant Demolition Videos

Satisfying. So, so satisfying.Gif: Gizmodo/NBCConcrete and steel are two of those immutable things. They make up the foundation of modern life, the things that give shape to seemingly every structure around us.Which is, in part, why I am

The Two Billionaires Reimagining Nuclear Energy

Two of the richest men in the world are teaming up to save the world from global warming. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the fourth and tenth richest people in the world, respectively -- with estimated net worths of $140…

The discreet charm of nuclear power

Nov 13th 2021IN THE NEGOTIATIONS which led up to the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, Saudi Arabia spent a great deal of time attempting to insert the term “environmentally safe and sound” in front of references to “energy sources” and “energy…

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